Redeem & Share Your Bonus Bucks

Spend Your Bonus Bucks Like Cash

Got Bonus Bucks? Take your pick of perks! Be sure your Bonus Bucks card is registered so that you can redeem your rewards for gas, snacks, a car wash or just about anything else you want.* Take advantage of your Bonus Bucks today!
  • Redeem your Bonus Bucks like cash when purchasing fuel, in-store merchandise and more.*
  • Exclusive Bonus Buy member pricing on selected items.
  • Share your Bonus Bucks with friends and family, or you can choose to support a local community group or charity.
As an added bonus, you can check your Bonus Bucks balance online anytime –24 hours a day, seven days a week.**

Sharing Bonus Bucks

Pioneer makes it easy for you to share your Bonus Bucks with friends, family or with local community charities. 

Share With Family & Friends To Earn Faster!

What a bonus! Add up Bonus Bucks faster when you share your Bonus Bucks card with family or friends. You can collect more Bonus Bucks together –in no time. More Bonus Bucks means more rewards, faster!

Share With Your Favourite Charity
Make a difference in your community. Donate your Bonus Bucks to your favourite charity along with others to support local community activities.

How To Share Your Bonus Bucks

There are 3 easy ways to share Bonus Bucks:
  1. Link
  2. Transfer
  3. Assign
1. How to Link Your Card With Another Member
Use your card to give your earned Bonus Bucks to another Bonus Bucks member. Simply select the “Link Card” option once you have logged into your Bonus Bucks account online. Your Bonus Bucks will be deposited into another Bonus Bucks member’s account everyday as long as you maintain the link option.
2. How to Transfer Your Bonus Bucks
Make a one-time transfer so your Bonus Bucks can be transferred to another Bonus Bucks member or valued Pioneer association, like a school or your favourite charity. You can select a dollar amount or transfer a percentage of your Bonus Bucks balance with this easy feature. Choose the “Transfer Bonus Bucks” tab once you’ve logged into your Bonus Bucks membership account.
3.  How to Assign Your Bonus Bucks
This feature allows you to assign your future earned Bonus Bucks to another Bonus Bucks cardholder or Pioneer association.†  You decide on a specific starting and ending date. To use this feature, select the "Assign Bonus Bucks" tab once you have logged into your Bonus Bucks account online.

*Bonus Bucks cannot be redeemed on coin operated services (such as air and coin washes) or on any items excluded by laws and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time. See Program Terms for complete details.

**Transactions require a minimum of 24 hours to be processed and will be displayed the following business day.

Note: If you transfer your Bonus Bucks to a Pioneer association, the transfer is not eligible for a charitable receipt.