We've got some big news to share about how you'll be getting rewards from Pioneer. The Bonus Bucks program is being replaced by JOURNIE Rewards, a fresh and exciting way to get more value when you fill up at Pioneer. The JOURNIE Rewards program will officially launch at local Pioneer stations near you by the end of February 2020.

With JOURNIE Rewards, every fuel and in-store purchase you make gets you closer to earning 7¢/L fuel discounts and other great rewards like free merchandise.*

And if you're a CIBC cardholder, you can automatically save an additional 3¢/L on every fuel purchase by linking your eligible CIBC debit and credit cards to your JOURNIE Rewards accounts.

What does this mean for your Bonus Bucks? Not to worry! Once JOURNIE Rewards is launched, you will not be able to earn Bonus Bucks but can redeem until August 31, 2020.

Thank you again for being a member of Bonus Bucks. We look forward to our future travels together with JOURNIE.

Click here to learn more about the new program!


What will happen to the Bonus Bucks program?
The Bonus Bucks program will remain as is for now. As JOURNIE Rewards continues to launch across all Pioneer stations, Bonus Bucks members will be able to redeem until August 31, 2020 and will not be able to earn.

Can I redeem my Bonus Bucks for JOURNIE Rewards?
Unfortunately, they are two separate programs and Bonus Bucks cannot be redeemed for JOURNIE Rewards.

I have questions about the JOURNIE Rewards program?
Click here or call 1-833-568-7643 and they'll be happy to help you!

Can you earn JOURNIE Rewards and redeem Bonus Bucks in one transactions?
Yes, you can.