2016 Fresh Start

The Princess Street Pioneer in Kingston is attracting lots of attention with its new face.

76 sites completed, and everyone’s loving
the difference

As we move into 2016 it’s clear that the Pioneer team is living up to the adage ‘out with the old, in with the new’.

As of the year end, 76 Pioneer locations had been updated under the $5 million Refresh program launched this past summer to bring the majority of Pioneer locations up to industry standards.
While the re-openings are still very young, the excitement around Refresh is growing. From new signage and canopies to brighter stores and punched-up merchandising, location managers and customers agree that the program has been a resounding success.

Mark Golubev, Retailer at the Pioneer in Keswick (pictured at left) has been in the gas industry for more than 20 years, joining Pioneer in 2013. “We’re just a few weeks into our Refresh, but initial feedback is great! The store is brighter, and already I see customers looking at our new merchandising.” 

Reflecting on the quick four-day construction process, Mark said he was pleased. Clients were understanding, and the work crews stayed on course. He wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

Muhammad Khan, who took over the Kitchener location just one year ago, agrees. “The renovation process went smoothly and on schedule. My customers handled it well – they knew that we would be shut-down for a few days, and were excited about the changes when we reopened.”       

With more than 25 years at Pioneer, Igor Goloubev of Bradford appreciates the Parkland investment through the Refresh program. “Everything used to be so dark, but not anymore. Everyone likes the layout and merchandise – especially the new coffee station.”

Designed to serve fresh hot beverages with little waste, the new coffee stations are already a big hit. For the first month after installation at each store, gas bar customers were offered a free beverage to introduce them to the great taste of our coffee. From freshly ground single cup coffee to cappuccinos and hot chocolates, the incentive has been well received.“Those who enjoy stronger coffee are enjoying the new coffee station. Everyone knows that it is always freshly ground and poured,” says Ibrahim Slewa of Hamilton. “As the owner I see that it is easily operational and at their convenience. Our faithful and regular customers, plus those who are just stopping in, are always told about this new coffee service.”

With Retailers and their service teams energized, and customers gladly coming back, it is clear the full results of the Refresh program will become apparent in 2016. The new layouts and merchandising, coupled with the high quality economically sound coffee station, are sure to keep old customers coming back while attracting new ones.

“I know it’s early but I’ve already seen a two percent increase,” says Muhammad. “And this is with us now into winter when sales usually go down.”

With Refresh, the future looks bright.

Ibrahim Slewa chats up the new coffee offering at his Fennell Street store in Hamilton. Below, A boater's eye view of the dazzling changes at the Keswick Pioneer. Retailer Mark Golubev can't wait to welcome his summer boaters to his new store.

Brighter lighting and refreshed merchandising are inviting customers in Gananoque to come in and buy.

Angel Le Couffe is all smiles with the refreshed merchandising counter at Princess Street Pioneer in Kings