Piyush Kan Roa (holding lotto form) with members of his service team. His wife, Parul, was visiting family in India when the exchange stopped by.

Good luck by design
London Retailers cited by OLG for 73% increase in ticket sales

Piyush and Parul Kan Roa know how to create their own luck when it comes to lottery sales.

“The lottery is an easy upsell. It’s not a lot of money, and it gives people chance to dream,” says Piyush, who has been Retailer at the Dundas Street Pioneer Verve location in London for almost three years.

”We always talk about it with our customers, and we really push it when the jackpots go up to $40 or $50 million. Who doesn’t want to win that kind of money? Our goal is to increase non-fuel sales, so that at least half of our customers purchase something else. Lottery sales is one of those areas we focus on.”

That strategy is paying off.  Piyush and his wife received the Best in Class Retailer Award from the OLG after increasing lottery ticket sales by 73.8 percent over the previous year.

The couple came to Canada from their native India 10 years ago, and gained retailing experience at Shell, Mac’s, McEwen and Petrocan before joining the Pioneer family in July 2013.

Although none of their customers has won a major lottery prize so far, Piyush says there have been plenty of winners collecting $1,000, $2,000 and more. “We have one customer who says I bring him good luck.”

Their winning attitude has also made the location a top seller when it comes to tobacco sales.  Territory Manager Eric Bondy said the store sold almost 32,000 packages of cigarettes in January, a month that is typically the slowest month of the year.

“Piyush and Parul are great Retailers, and they do a really good job of ensuring their staff are well trained. They’re doing huge volumes, and meeting all compliance issues to be a responsible tobacco retailer.”

Getting to know customers by name, and ensuring their brands are always in stock, has been part of the winning formula. “If they ask for a single pack, I always make them aware we have special pricing for two or three packs.

“We are fortunate to have a really good service team working with us. I know that even when I’m not here things will be done the way I would. We are also lucky to have strong support from Eric Bondy and the head office team.”