Travellers' Oasis

Customers love the modern look at the Hornby Esso location after its transformation into an Energy Synergy Fuels concept, the first independently operated Synergy site in the country.

Dazzling Transformation Catching Eyes Along Busy 401 

There’s a dazzling new oasis for motorists travelling along Highway 401 at Trafalgar Road, and Retailer Lenny Schligold says the transformation of his Pioneer site as an Esso Synergy location has put him ahead of the game in the highly competitive area.

“There are two other truck stops just off the highway here, so we needed to step things up for sure,” says Schligold, whose 24 years as a Retailer with Pioneer has taught him well about the importance of meeting customer needs.

Among the changes that make his site a market leader:

• High-speed diesel pumps that can deliver 200 litres of fuel in under two minutes, eliminating long line-ups during busy periods.

• A dedicated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pump, that provides a low-cost means for truck operators to meet environmental standards. 

• Four grades of gasoline, including Esso Supreme Plus 93 Octane fuel – the highest available in the Pioneer Energy network.

 • Upgraded LED lighting.

 • Fully upgraded merchandising.

Loyalty Manager Tori Allen with Grand Opening 'freebies'.Pioneer Energy Director of Operations Brian Kitchen said the operations team reviewed all possible options for the Hornby location that was overdue for much needed and extensive renovations. “As part of the Parkland organization, we have greater multi-brand opportunities to help us meet customer needs, and to grow our business. The operations team determined that the strength of the Esso brand, with its powerful fleet card program, would deliver the most competitive product in this competitive market right on Highway 401.”

Highway 401 has the most transport truck traffic in the world, with an average of 10,000 transport trucks driving along it on any given day.

Regional Operations Manager Troy Richter says the Pioneer marketing, merchandising, and loyalty teams staged a three-day Grand Opening event – a first for Pioneer in a number of years –  in early December to attract customers back to the location following a nine-week closure for the renovations.  The event featured a 20-cent per litre discount on December 3, followed by two days of discounts of three cents per litre. Head office personnel were on site to help pump gas, greet customers and distribute lots of giveaways during the event.

“The changes at this site are dramatic, particularly at night when the LED lighting systems really show it off,” says Richter, adding he was grateful for the commitment of everyone involved in the project including construction, marketing and merchandising and operations.

Schligold said his existing Pioneer customers love the new modern look of his site, which is attracting a whole new set of Esso customers. Renovations included installation of new tanks and fuel lines, a Refresh-style upgrade of the store, and replacement of the entire forecourt with Esso’s new Synergy Fuels layout which includes:

• Wave – an inverted L-shaped aperture which rises up and over the pump to communicate the new Synergy Fuels brand together with onside marketing messages.

• Blade – A horizontal element mounted on the canopy column over the pump which communicates the new Synergy Fuels brand.

 • Koala – A vertical aperture mounted on most, if not all, canopy columns that is fitted with marketing messages. The Koala back is mounted so customers view it as they return to their vehicles from the backcourt. Customer safety and instruction messages are also mounted on the Koala.

Adds Schligold: “Customers love the look and the convenience. I’m expecting big things in 2016.”