It was a full house in Toronto as the Parkland Pioneer team invited vendors to bring their best products and promotions to the table.

Bring us your best products
and promotions, 
vendors urged 

Pioneer, as part of the Parkland family of brands, now delivers a national opportunity for innovative retail partners.

That message was delivered loud and clear Oct. 7 to more than 200 attendees at the Parkland Vendor Summit held in Toronto. “We want you to make Parkland your number one partner of choice,” Pioneer Director Ian White told those in attendance. “We need to be innovative in new programs, and we want to be first.”

Parkland CEO Bob Espey said creating a great customer experience is key to continuing successful growth. “That’s where you come in. We need to have the most innovative and leading products available in the marketplace. Our team is excellent at execution. When we make a commitment to run a promotion, or position a product in a certain way, we do that. We know it’s important to you, and to us.”

Anthony DiMaulo, Pioneer Director Marketing, Merchandising and Loyalty (pictured left), urged vendors to bring their best promotional ideas, their best pricing, and their best new products to Parkland stating it’s time to partner with Pioneer and Parkland to deliver the most innovative retail products to customers right across Canada.

In return Pioneer and Parkland has much to offer, including:

• Motivated Retailers ready to execute on promotions like never before.

• 70 million retail transactions annually across Canada.

• More than one million active loyalty customers Canada-wide.

Ian White said Pioneer is already proving that its strategy to fuel growth is working. He noted the company is investing $5 million under the retail Refresh program to bring more than 70 sites up to brand standards, and the results are on target. “Grimsby was our first Refresh site, and in the first month alone we saw a 20 percent jump in C-store sales.”

Anthony said the company has developed an aggressive merchandising strategy in 2016 with plans for five eight-week promotions within Pioneer, and two six-week national promotions across the Parkland network.

He noted promotions that offer an exceptional customer experience produce long-ranging benefits.

“One that stands out for me is our Trip to Paris promotion. The woman who won it wrote to us to say ‘thank you Pioneer for giving me the opportunity to take my daughter to Europe  . . . it has created memories for a lifetime’.  We created a Pioneer ambassador for life. You can be sure she is telling everyone great things about Pioneer and Eska water, our partner on this promotion.”

Vendors in attendance at the event came from across Canada, covering all aspects of operations including convenience products, systems IT, real estate and clothing.
The Parkland senior management team takes the stage to answer questions, from left: Parkland CEO Bob Espey; Pioneer Director Ian White, Parkland VP, Retail Peter Kilty; Scott McKelvey, Director Operations, Western Canada; and Director Marketing, Merchandising and Loyalty Anthony DiMaulo.