Supply chief shifts to globetrotting 

When Vic Holdsworth came to Pioneer in 1988, the company was pumping about 155 million litres of fuel annually.

When he retired this Fall, that number had climbed to over two billion litres. That’s a legacy Vic is proud to have been a part of. “Two highlights from my Pioneer career? One was having the privilege to work with Murray Hogarth, and to call him a friend. The second was my direct involvement in helping grow the business.”

Vic joined Pioneer after 17 years with Suncor and 1.5 years with Rainbow, then a small independent in the Hamilton market.

Although he was hired to handle fuel supply and real estate, he was thrown into running retail operations after then General Manager Yvon Mayrand suffered a heart attack.

He returned to fuel and supply management throughout the 1990s, before being appointed Senior VP, Real Estate and Supply Management in early 2000.

“Competing against big oil was always a challenge in this job – they controlled the product supply and retail pricing. It was the independents that suffered when big oil launched pricing wars. The two years from 2005 to 2007 were particularly challenging for Pioneer.”

While he’s going to miss the people, Vic hasn’t wasted any time getting into the retirement spirit. He recently returned from a month-long tour of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Next up? “Australia, Britain, Asia and a Danube river cruise  are high on our bucket list,” says Vic.